IQOption, a binary options trading platform, is an online trading site. Let us look at the IQOption review by app users on the Google play store comments.

Five- Star Commendations

With 22 692 five- star rates over 39 546 total comments is not bad. These are some of what they are saying, they are group accordingly:

  • Great App. Some consider the app as fun app that works well with whatever trading style you have. Awesome, very good, best
  • The Best and Will recommend. Appreciates
  • Fast and Easy. They say they learn the app and trading in 10 minutes. One person says that it is a super fast app with high profit. Easy to learn and Good for beginners are some of the words used. Another was happy because it does not require math knowledge.
  • Smooth and Flawless. Easy fixed bug was mentioned. One said that it has excellent interface.
  • 80% Reliable Signal
  • Fast weekly withdraw.
  • Real and demo account, the same. Someone mentioned that the data showed in real and demo accounts are the same as he compared them side by side.
  • 3d small person puts gold coins on each other. 3d image. Isolated white background.

    3d small person puts gold coins on each other. 3d image. Isolated white background.

1- Star Issues

On the other hand, there are 6 859 people who rated the app with 1 star and these are their comments:

  • Blank Graph Only. Some cannot open the app or parts of the app. App not working are also the words used
  • Account Hacked. One mentioned his account was hacked because of the quick deposit feature.
  • No to Bonus. Some suggested to not opting for bonuses saying you will lose money for a lot of reason.
  • Not Happy with Costumer Services
  • Unknown Errors. There are instances where Unknown Errors occurred and their money was deducted.
  • Money drain.

You might notice that people have different experiences regarding apps. Do not be afraid of few negative comments as there will always be there. The customer service acted upon some of the issues that they read and received good read. Some might just be isolated issues.