While many Instagram users think that increasing their followers is a matter of luck or pure effort only, there is another way on how to view it. Science has found some secrets on how Instagram followers increase and how those who do not have enough followers yet can improve the follows that they get.

Scientific Secrets to Increasing Instagram Followers


Here are some of the scientific facts on getting more followers on Instagram:

  • Many have boxed the format of photos uploaded to Instagram into just a square shape. However, with the existing applications outside Instagram that allow you to bypass the shape restriction of this social media network, you can upload a differently shaped photo into Instagram. Based on research, photos that come in a landscape format (horizontal images) are more appealing than fully symmetrical and square images. You can use this scientific secret to get free instagram followers.
  • In one study, it has been sound that longer captions in photos lead to better engagement of people who pass by the image click here http://instantlyfollowed.com/ . As a result, it receives more likes and the Instagram account gets more followers. This is because longer captions tell the story behind the photograph allowing the viewer to understand it and make a connection with it.
  • Another study has showed that bright colors such as red and yellow make a photo more popular. Thus, if applied in Instagram, a photo may receive more attention which may translate to an increase in followers. Luckily, Instagram has a built-in setting for color adjustment. Use this feature to make your photo look brighter no matter what the color is, be it a red, a blue, yellow, or green.

It may be unexpected that science shed some light into getting more likes and followers on Instagram. However, it is an aspect of social media that makes a good field for study.